Regent Aerospace at AIX 2018

Regent Aerospace Corporation at AIX

We are proud to work with Regent Aerospace Corporation at AIX in Hamburg. This is the second year we’ve worked together and we continue to go from strength to strength.

Regent Aerospace is a California-based company that repairs and renovates commercial aircraft interiors.

Bespoke exhibition stand design

We began working with Regent Aerospace back in 2017 and have delivered an exhibition stand that they will be using for the next few years.

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We put together our initial ideas and then engaged our client in discussions on the best direction to go. From here, we worked up our plans into full CADs that our client was able to explore and agree on. As a result, we developed this into the final stand.

Construction and installation of the exhibition stand

We delivered the stand directly to the venue where our skilled team constructed it. We stored spare parts and backup components nearby so that we were ready in case of any problems during the event.

Once ready, we tested the screen walls to ensure that the best possible experience would be had on the day. We shipped in the brochures and put them into their displays ready for the event.

Storage of the exhibition stand

Following each event’s close, we dismantled the stand and packed it into boxes. We shipped it back to our storage facility in UK ready to reuse and redeploy at future events.

Your exhibition stand design needs

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