The emergence of the Covid 19 virus has had a huge impact on the events industry and it is clear that a significant amount of new procedures and precautions are going to have to be put in place before the industry can commence once again proceed with confidence and optimism.

The Ice Agency we would like to consider the situation more optimistically and consider the potential challenges in a practical and sensible fashion as going forward there are going to be a number of factors that will change how we approach the exhibition design process and the considerations that will have to be taken into account.


Larger floorspaces are going to be required in order to accommodate the need for greater social distancing and controlled movement.

Budget Limitations

As the economic impact hits exhibition budgets are going to be initially effected as customers will not only have less money to invest in exhibition stand design but also customers will have concerns regarding the possibility of show cancellations and will be less likely to invest heavily in costly stand structures.

Simplistic Stand Installations

Due to restrictions regarding social distancing, stand installations will have to be less time consuming and easier to implement without significant work forces working closely together.

Increased Sanitation 

Stand surfaces will need to be easily sanitised on a regular basis and running water and hand sanitiser stations available throughout the booths.

Meeting Areas

Any meeting areas will need to be open and will have to consider the relevant distancing requirements whilst at the same time be welcoming and practical from a conversational point of view and with all furniture being simplistic in design for reasons of cleanliness and spacing.

Screen Interaction 

With the increased requirements for hybrid events there will be increased usage of screens where remote customers can access information being conveyed by customers on the exhibition floor from their offices or homes. Screens will be positioned in prominent areas with relevant content being captured by the show organisers for distribution to virtual customer base.

Considering covid-19 in exhibition stand design

As stated previously The Ice Agency do not know for sure what the impact will be of the new measures that will have to be put in place however we believe that despite the changes it is essential that exhibition stand environments should still be pleasant and welcoming spaces that still re-enforce the customers brands and services in a dynamic and impactful way.

If we lose sight of this objective then the positive principles of meeting face to face will be compromised and it is essential that we proceed with positivity despite all of the challenges so that we can still deliver effective solutions for all of our customers.

Please take a look at our immersive design that considers the possible challenges and delivers what we hope to be a realistic and welcoming solution.