ACT - Leading Treasury ProfessionalsACT Annual Conference is an annual finance conference that brings together treasury and finance professionals. It takes place each year in a different venue around the UK.

You can find out more about ACT Annual Conference on its exhibition website.

Designing exhibition stands for ACT Annual Conference

As a roaming event, exhibition stands designed for ACT either have to be flexible or completely redesigned each year. We have a track record of producing flexible, reconfigurable stands so that they can be adjusted and reused in a variety of events. This saves our clients money and helps them do more with their budget.

We worked we Wells Fargo to produce an exciting innovative stand. The seamless large video screen we designed was especially popular on the day. Because they had strict branding requirements, we worked closely with their marketing team to deliver their vision.

Wells Fargo at ACT

Wells Fargo's exhibition stand at ACT

We are proud to work with Wells Fargo at ACT in Liverpool, UK. Wells Fargo is an international banking and financial services company. Bespoke exhibition stand design for Wells Fargo […]

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