When it comes to considering planning an exhibition and choosing a company to assist you with this, there are often a lot of questions and considerations.

In order to help with this process we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked new customer questions and answers in order to help with the decision process.

The cost of a custom design exhibition stand depends on the following factors:

  1. The size of the stand space
  2. The location of the exhibition
  3. The specification of the stand design.

Although there is no limit to what could be spent on an exhibition stand, our recommended starting price would is around £5,000 as this would be sufficient to cover basic construction and installation. At this price, the space would have to be fairly small and the stand would have to be installed at the exhibition in no more than one day.

The average spend on a custom build exhibition stand for a space of around 30sqm to 50sqm would be between £15,000 and £25,000. This would be all inclusive and would cover the design, construction, installation, dismantle and any show services such as power and water supply.

In order to start the initial design process we will need the following information:

  • A copy of the floorpan showing the space that you have booked at the exhibition
  • A guideline of a realistic overall budget
  • Information regarding the branding and messaging you will require at the show
  • A list of any specific requirements you may have for the show
  • Any inspirational images would be helpful but not essential

In an ideal world one would be looking at starting the design and planning process around four months prior to the exhibition opening. This would allow for careful management of the project and also would provide sufficient time to make any changes that may occur however should decisions have to be made that result in a limited time frame being available then it is still possible to design and deliver an exhibition stand within around two weeks however this will be dependent on the size and scale of the project.

In extreme circumstances it is possible to deliver an impressive stand solution in as few as 3 days however the design options would be limited and in this instance we would be proposing existing modular or custom elements in order to avoid lengthy construction issues.

The production of an average-sized exhibition booth (around 50sqm) would commence around 6 weeks before the installation commences as this would provide sufficient time to construct and plan all elements of the build as well as providing the client with a certain amount of flexibility in regards to any structural changes that may need to be made.

Yes. The Ice Agency will take full responsibility of working closely and communicating directly with the show organisers in order to make sure that the proposed exhibition stand is approved and delivered in line with the organisers requirements.

This would include submitting all technical drawings, risk assessments, method statements, insurance and any required fire certification as well as organising show passes and planning all logistical elements of the installation and dismantle.

Our terms are 70% of the agreed sum invoiced 6 weeks prior to show opening with the 30% balance invoiced on show handover along with any agreed additional charges.

Although our terms are fixed, we appreciate that there might be a request for flexibility and we are happy to discuss alternative terms should circumstances dictate.

Yes, if the proposed stand design incorporates graphic and screen elements and the client does not have the necessary graphic or screen files for us to work with then we can deliver this creative service.

However, if the client already has the necessary artwork and screen content then The Ice Agency will manage the graphic production as well as overseeing and testing all video content to ensure that all of these requirements are delivered to everyones satisfaction. 

Should products of any nature be required for display or distribution on the proposed stand then The Ice Agency would be happy to manage the co-ordination and delivery / return to the exhibition. We will provide with the best address to receive the intended products and will co-ordinate the process so that all products are in place by the required date. Following on from the show any products that have not been distributed can be packaged and returned directly if required.

A representative from The Ice Agency will be available on site during the exhibition installation and will be on hand on the morning of the show to ensure that everything has been delivered as intended and that customer satisfaction is ensured.

A contact number will be provided so that progress of the exhibition stand installation can be monitored and any last minute assistance can be provided at the show so that the exhibiting team can focus on valuable customer interaction.

Yes, at the beginning of the project it is essential that we establish if the customer is planning multiple installations as this will allow us to provide the best re-useable and adaptable design to meet with this requirement. By initially planning the best solution we can provide an adaptable structure that will work for any space or location and this will provide the required flexibility as well as cost savings as the client will have one stand that works for all possible space requirements.

The Ice Agency has substantial experience of working in many countries outside of Europe and are very much aware of the challenges that can arise. The main issue is cost related as exhibiting in the US for example is more expensive than mainland Europe and many customers can be surprised by the financial increases even when delivering a very basic stand structure.

As a result of these price fluctuations The Ice Agency have built up a cost effective network of partners in North America, UAE, Asia and Latin America and feel confident that we can manage and deliver cost effective solutions effectively and reliably throughout the world

After delivering a successful exhibition stand solution most companies would request for the structure to be retained in storage for future re-use. The Ice Agency are happy to provide this service however if a definitive re-installation can be agreed upon then the storage can be offered for free however if the stand is being stored on a speculative basis with no future stand re-installation being guaranteed then a quarterly storage charge would be incurred and this would be calculated upon the size (in sqm) of the structure for clients approval.

The emergence of the Covid 19 virus has had a huge impact on the events industry. It is clear that a significant number of new procedures and precautions must be put in place before the industry can commence once again with confidence and optimism.

At this stage, we are not 100% sure how any changes are going to effect how one approaches the exhibition design process. However, here at The Ice Agency, we would like to consider the challenge more optimistically and consider the potential challenges in a practical and sensible fashion.

Going forward there are going to be a number of factors that will change how we approach the challenges of exhibitions design and even though we do not know definitively what these will be there are many considerations we will have to take into account.

You can find out more over on our Covid-19 page here.

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