NetEnt at ICE Totally Gaming

NetEnt at EiG and ICE Totally Gaming

We are proud to work with NetEnt at EiG in Berlin, Germany, and ICE Totally Gaming in London, UK.

NetEntNetEnt is a premium provider of gaming solutions to online casino operators.

This is the third year we’ve worked together and we continue to go from strength to strength.

Bespoke exhibition stand design for NetEnt

We first contacted NetEnt back in 2013 and have improved the exhibition stand year-on-year. We designed two different stands to accommodate the different space restrictions at EiG and ICE Totally Gaming.

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Every show focused on their latest titles and promotional tie-ins so we adapted the stand to accommodate the theme of their latest game, eg Aliens, South Park and Guns ‘n’ Roses. Over the years, the stand has evolved and improved while always being wholly representative of the NetEnt brand.

Construction and installation of the exhibition stand

We delivered the stand directly to the venue and our skilled team constructed it. Nearby, we stored spare parts and backup components so that we were ready in case of any problems during the event.

Once ready, we tested the screens to ensure that the best possible experience would be had on the day. Their latest games were demoed due to the tablets and smartphones integrated into the stand.

NetEnt at ICE Totally Gaming
The exhibition stand at ICE Totally Gaming
NetEnt's exhibition stand at EiG
The exhibition stand at EiG

We put the brochures in place and made available the giveaways (including USB memory sticks).

Your exhibition stand design needs

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