Eurocommercial at MAPIC and Siec

We are proud to work with Eurocommercial at the MAPIC expo in Cannes, France and the Siec trade show in Paris, France.

Eurocommercial Shopping CentresEurocommercial is one of Europe’s most experienced property investors with a portfolio of shopping centres in France, Italy and Sweden.

This is the tenth year we’ve worked together and we continue to go from strength to strength.

Bespoke exhibition stand design

We’ve been working with Eurocommercial since 2006. Our most recent stand at MAPIC was an evolution of the second version of the stand we created for them. Our stand at Siec was newly designed for this event in 2015 and has been developed ever since.

MAPIC and Siec are two very different shows – MAPIC has a huge display area while Siec is much smaller. As such, our designs needed to be very different but still present the brand in a consistent manner.

We put together our initial ideas and then engaged our client in discussions on the best direction to go. Exploring ideas with our client, we worked up our designs into full CADs that were then approved and built.

Since the most recent redesign for MAPIC, we have evolved the design further to keep it fresh without hitting the client with a large bill.

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Construction and installation of the Eurocommercial exhibition stand

We delivered the stand directly to the venue and our skilled team constructed it. We oversaw the project so to ensure everything went as planned.

Once ready, we tested the screen walls to ensure that the best possible experience was to be had on the day.

We stored spare parts and backup components nearby so that we were ready in case of any problems during the event.

Storage of the exhibition stand

Following the event close, we dismantled the stand and packed it into boxes. We shipped it back to our storage facility in Mainland Europe so it’s ready to reuse and redeploy at future events.

Your exhibition stand design needs

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