Lebanon Tourism

Lebanon Tourism at ITB, WTM, TopResa and IMEX

We are proud to work with Lebanon Tourism at the ITB, WTM, IFTM Top Resa and IMEX exhibitions around Europe.

Bespoke exhibition stand design for Lebanon Tourism

Our exhibition stand at TopResa in Paris ('Liban' is French for Lebanon)
Our exhibition stand at TopResa in Paris (‘Liban’ is French for Lebanon)

We pitched draft CAD designs to the client who then chose one to develop into the final stand. The previous exhibition stands for Lebanon Tourism were very Arab-inspired. This was something Lebanon Tourism wanted to move away from. As a result, our pitch was unique in its more contemporary style and use of wooden textures and styling.

The stand also had modular components. This was so that it could be adapted for different languages depending on where the event as held.

Another key challenge for us is that it serves as the umbrella stand for the partners in Lebanon. These included hotel chains, car hire companies and other tourism businesses – we had to create the areas for them and keep them happy.

Construction and installation of the exhibition stand

Our exhibition stand (in English)
Our exhibition stand (in English)

We delivered the stand directly to the venue before each event where our skilled team constructed it. Spare parts and backup components were stored nearby so that we were ready in case of any problems during the event.

Once ready, we tested the big screen displays to ensure that the best possible experience would be had on the day. We shipped in the brochures and promotional giveaways and put them into their displays ready for the event.

Storage of the exhibition stand

Following each event’s close, we dismantled the stand and packed it into boxes. We shipped the back to our storage facility in mainland Europe so they were ready to reuse and redeploy at future events.

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