Tourico Holidays at WTM

Tourico Holidays at ITB, WTM and ATM

We are proud to work with Tourico Holidays at ITB, WTM and ATM exhibitions. This is the third year we’ve worked together and we continue to go from strength to strength.

Tourico HolidaysTourico is a worldwide wholesale travel provider.

Bespoke exhibition stand design for Tourico Holidays

We first contacted Tourico Holidays back in 2013. Each year we revisit the stand and develop and enhance it further to keep it looking fresh.

We put together our initial ideas and then engaged our client in discussions on the best direction to go. Our plans were then worked up into full CADs that our client was able to explore and agree on. Finally, we developed the agreed designs into the finished exhibition stand.

We designed the stands at ATM and WTM to be two-storey while the exhibition stand for ITB is one-storey. The latest version of the stand includes a unique screens configuration – the version used for ATM in Dubai being distinct from the version at ITB. We worked with Tourico’s media team to create videos that would work with these configurations.

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Construction and installation of the exhibition stand

We delivered the stand directly to the venue and our skilled team constructed it. Spare parts and backup components were stored nearby so that we were ready in case of any problems during the event.

Finally, the screens were tested to ensure that they were set up correctly and delivering a first-class experience.

Storage of the exhibition stand

Following the event close, we dismantled the stand and packed it into boxes. We shipped it back to our storage facility (in mainland Europe for ITB and WTM, and Dubai for ATM) ready to reuse and redeploy at future events.

Your exhibition stand design needs

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